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1.20 Build Contest 2023
Started by Tannianna



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04 May 2022
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15 Sep 2023

The new CatsCraft Creative build contest theme is Minecraft 1.20! 🥳


It's time to get creative with all the new blocks that were added in the new 1.20 Trails and Tales update! 




Cherry house, Cherry blossom biome, Camel desert, Sniffers flower paradise, Trail ruins, Archeology dig site, etc.!  

You can spawn in mobs like the sniffer and camel using this awesome command Bobcatsss made /mobmenu   


Make sure to build your entry in a 207 by 207 block area which is the size of 1 creative plot

If you need another plot for your entry just ask Tannianna, Bobcatsss or staff  


Awards! 🏆


The TOP 4 Winners

30,000 Kitty Coins in Survival!

a custom npc of themselves at Creative spawn!

a cool emoji that they get to select will be next to their name for 1 month in minecraft

and any chat color for 1 month (other than black because it's hard to see in chat)

The top 4 builds will be featured in spawn

Perms to /nick for 1 month


Participation award goes to anyone that enters and followed the rules for the build and will receive 2,000 Kitty Coins in Survival and your choice of either a cherry blossom :hibiscus: or shooting star :comet: emoji next to their name for 1 month in minecraft




Builds will be judged based on creativity and effort / thought put into the build.

Entries are Due on September 17th!


Remember you must submit your entries!  You can enter here by commenting on this post with your username and the plot number for your entry or in our catscraft discord #build-contests-submissions you can also enter in creative spawn at the build contest section by dropping a book in the hopper with your username and which plot of yours the entry is on! For example: /p visit Tannianna 5) 


Thank you and good luck!!! 😁

🦋 🐈

Tannianna · 12 months ago · Last edited: 12 months ago