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Welcome to CatsCraft's rules page!
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Server Rules
This shows the rules for CatsCraft. By playing here, you automatically agree to follow these rules and accept the consequences of breaking them.

If you would like to report violations of these rules, please talk to a staff member and provide screenshots/recordings of the incident. Client- side logs are not accepted as evidence.

1) Do not grief other players' builds or steal items. [Survival, Creative, Skyblock]

Griefing and stealing are strictly prohibited. If your build has been griefed or your items have been stolen, please report the incident to our staff members so that we can help you, this also means building right next to someone's claim (without permission, unless you are on Creative or Skyblock), the world is 30,000 x 30,000 you have plenty of space.

2) No trolling, starting drama or being rude. [Global]

Our goal is to maintain a fun and safe environment for our players. Please report any trolling/drama to our staff members.

3) Be respectful/treat others equally. [Global]

This includes how you interact with other players via global and direct chat, how you behave when visiting their claim/plot, how you participate in shared builds/projects, and how you honor any trades or transactions with others. All players are required to be respectful to each other. Everyone is allowed to play on our server, including those who are within the LGBT community. Please respect given pronouns. Harassment or discrimination of other players will not be tolerated.

4) No advertising/spamming. [Global]

Advertisements and spam are annoying to other players. We ask that you be courteous and use the chat for talking to other players. Do not advertise other communities,Servers, Realms, etc.

5) Spamming. [Global]

Rapid text to global chat or direct message is considered spamming. This includes repeated attempts to get someone’s attention, and what some may perceive as disrupting chat formats such as one word per line.

6) Do not use vulgar language. [Global]

We have younger players on this server. Please do not use any language that could be seen as inappropriate. Including going around the filter.

7) Do not exploit any bugs in the server or the game. [Global]

We do not allow exploiting bugs in the server or Minecraft itself. If you notice a bug within the server, please send a message to our Developers.

8) No cheating. [Global]

Cheating gives players an unfair advantage and is therefore not allowed. This includes the use of cheating mods/hacked clients. Please check /AllowedMods for a list of mods that are approved for use on this server. If you are unsure about a mod, please ask/msg a staff member as it is impossible to list all mods.

9) Keep everything family-friendly. [Global]

Because people of all ages play Minecraft, any content must be family-friendly. Do not say, create, or do anything inappropriate.

10) Do not lag the server or other players. [Global]

Lagging the server causes problems for others. If you are doing something that is lagging the server/other players, please be polite and stop.

11) Do not trap/grief other players. [Survival, Creative, Skyblock]

AFK traps are not allowed. This is annoying and can ruin the fun for other players. If you do get trapped please type /trapped

12) No AFK Farming (with auto clicking). [Survival, Skyblock]

We do not allow any form of AFK farming (for example, you are not allowed to use an auto-clicker to keep hitting mobs while you are away). If an activity requires you to hold down your mouse/keyboard button, you must be at your computer.

13) Do not troll players about a new season. [Survival]

Survival is on Season 2 and there will not be a new season for a long time, Trolling a player to make them believe there is going to be a new season which would wipe all current progress is not allowed.

14) No politics. [Global]

Please don’t discuss politics of any kind on the server, this is not the place for that.

15) Do not use the trading system for items outside of the server. [Global]

The trading system should only be used for items within the game. Do not use it to trade for other things, especially if they have monetary value in real life (this includes currencies in other games, Xbox Game Passes, games on other platforms, and accounts)

16) Builds & Designs – Do not copy/steal another player on the server’s build/design and claim it is yours. If you obtain their permission to use their design, please credit them especially if requested. [Global]

17) Roleplay Rules. [Global]

Please keep roleplaying messages in private chats Creative /p chat, Survival /pchat and Skyblock /msg

18) Have fun and use common sense. :)

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.